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Ondo State Joint Exam 2017: Crs Questions and Answers



INSTRUCTION: Answer four (4) Questions in All, Answer at least one (1) Question from each Section.(A,B & C)

Genesis 41:1-33
(i) Pharaoh dreamed of seven sleek and fat cows coming out of the Nile
(ii) He saw seven other slim and thin cows.
(iii) the thin and slim cows swallowed the fat cows
(iv) He dreamed again of seven plump and good ears of corn growing in one stalk. (v) Another seven thin and blighted raes came up also (vi) Again, the seven thin and blighted ears of corn ate up the good and plump ones.
(vii) when he woke up, he was troubled and afraid. (viii) But his magicians and wise men could not interpret the dreams.
(ix) then the chief butler remembered how joseph had effectively interpreted his dreams in prison
(x) The Chief butler recommended joseph to pharaoh
(xi) pharaoh narrated his dreams to joseph
(xii) joseph emphasized that it is only God who gives favorable answer and interpretation
(xiii) Joseph gave good and acceptable interpretations to pharaoh’s dream.

Ways in which the dream affect joseph and his people:
(i) Joseph interpreted the dreams to the admiration of pharaoh and his people
(ii) pharaoh made Joseph the Leader of his household and people
(iii) Joseph was appointed next in rank to pharaoh
(iv) Joseph was honored with a royal marriage
(v) he use his position to prepare adequately for famine


Hosea Marriage to Gomer (Hosea 1;2;3)
(i) God instructed Hosea to take for a wife a woman of harlotry.
(ii) this was to demonstrate how israel has forsaken the Lord and engaged in idolatry.
(iii) He took Gomer, the daughter of Diblaim,who gave birth to three (3) children.
(iv)The first child, a son, was named Jezreel.
(v) The name implied that God would punish the house of jehu for the blood of jezreel and would put an end to the kngdom of israel.
(vi) Gomer’s second born was a female whom she named “Not Pitied”
(vii) “Not Pitied” means God would no longer pity the house of isreal.
(viii) The third born was named “Not my people” because israel was no longer the people of God nor was God their God.
(ix) After the birth of this children,Gomer abandoned Hosea and ran after another Lovers/she became a temple prostitute.
(x) Hosea, out of love,implored Gomerto come back but she refused.
(xi) He sent his children to plead with her to return, but to no avail.
(xii) Gomer was influenced by the worldly things she was getting from her lovers.
(xiii) Despite Gomer’s unfaithfulness and Hosea’s Disappointments, Hosea still Love her.
(xiv) Hosea’s marital experience and love for his wife was a demonstration of God’s Love for israel.

(i) Effective Communication/quality time with each other
(ii) Mutual Love, Trust and respect/understanding
(iii) Economic Security
(iv) Sharing Responsibility
(v) Tolerance in marriage.



(i) After the death of solomon, Rehoboam was made king by the tribes of Judah, in the south.
(ii) he journeyed to the north to be crowned king at Shechem by the northerners, in order to unite the kingdom.
(iii) Rehoboam who had been in exile in egypt when he heard of the news returned home and led a delegation from the north to meet Rehoboam.
(iv) the delegation requested that the heavy burden impose on them by solomon be made light so that they would serve him.
(v) Rehoboam asked the northern delegate to go and return on the third day for an answer.
(vi) They advised him to pay heed to their request by reducing their burden so that they would serve Rehoboam.
(vii) Rehoboam later consulted his peers for advise on the issue.
(viii) hes contemporaries advised him to tell the northerner “my little fingers is thicker than the father’s loins”.
(ix) whereas my father she chastised you with whips, i will chastised you with scorpion .
(x) he sought advised from his father elderly councilors about the type of response he should give to the northerners.

(i) When the leader becomes dictatorial/cruel
(ii) when the leader has no respect for the elders
(iii) when the economics condition become deplorable/unbearable/harsh
(iv) when the leader acts without authorization/beyond his powers/violate the constitution
(v) when the leader indulge immoral acts.



paul in writing to the thessalonians urge them to stick to the tradition of hardwork, and should distance themselves from the bother living in idleness and, should imitate paul and his men for they worked hard when they were in thessalonica.
paul reminded the thessalonians that he and his men didnot eat anyone’s food/ bread without paying for it. “we toiled and labour day and night that we might not burden any of you”. “we had the right but we only wanted to give you an example to copy.”
He reminded them of the command which they (Paul & his Men) gave them when they were with them ‘if anyone will not work, let him not eat’.
paul and his men were surprised that in spite of this command, they still heard that some of them were living in idleness, becoming mere busy-bodies. He advised that such a person should be warned as a brother and not as an enemy. Such people should do their work and earn their own living.

(i) training of a inmate orphanages
(ii) Establishing printing presses, Bookshops and some other opportunities, etc…
(iii) Preaching Against idleness.
(iv) Establishing of schools, hospitals, Vocational centre for giving education to children and people generally.
(v) Some churches have farm settlement, where people are trained for farm work.


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